Many people have never experienced listening to God because they are busy calling him to listen. We call out to God in monologue, not dialogue. There should be an interchange or exchange of talk. God speaks to us in silence and in our busyness. Hearing God speak only needs being aware of his presence.
There are ways on how to hear what God is saying.
1. Draw away from noise and dwell in prayer.
Take time to be still and be quiet, so as you can come to prayer. Praying is conversing with God and listening to him. When you pray, pray well and avoid distractions. You can make vocal, meditative or contemplative prayer. In praying vocally, you should not be blabbing prayers but reciting them with the heart. A better mode of praying is reading the Scriptures, meditating on the message and letting God speak. The best expression is the contemplative prayer wherein one delights in the presence of the Lord without the need for words. You bring yourself in loving attention to him.
2. Practice the habit of listening to God’s voice.
Allow yourself to hear God speak to your mind and heart. The first criterion to hear God is to be immersed in his presence. God communicates in a still small voice. He may use sacred music to stir your heart and imagination. When you reach that state, do not suppress the gradual revelation that he will make. Just listen, and listen well.
3. Be humble and contrite before God.
When you are humble and contrite, God will comfort you. He will speak to you personally and give you peace. He will be most loving and attentive to you, like a father who would listen to his child. He fills the repentant heart with his loving mercy and compassion.
4. Be reconciled with God.
When you have reconciled with God, your prayer will be effective and powerful. You will draw inspiration and confidence because you feel worthy to praise him, thank him, ask forgiveness, express your fiat to do his will, be faithful, and consecrate yourself to him.
5. Make the habit of acknowledging the presence of God at all times
One pious woman said, “I know and have experienced that ‘the Kingdom of God is within us,’ that our Master has no need of books or teacher to instruct a soul. The Teacher of teachers instructs without sound of words, and though I have never heard Him speak, yet I know He is within me, always guiding and inspiring me; and just when I need them, lights, hitherto unseen, break in upon me. As a rule, it is not during prayer that this happens, but in the midst of my daily duties.”
God enters your heart and gives you graces to be able to have holy thoughts and desires. He gives you the grace to conquer temptations and distractions. Whenever there is distraction, endeavor to persevere in praying. Praying invites an exchange of love with God.

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